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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 9, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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fine-looking chaps griff jenkins. that is your last call. make sure you go to greta an ♪ >> demand it. >> yes, indeed. good night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> kimberly: hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle, along with bob beckel, eric bolling, andrea tantaros, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city! and this is "the five." we have an exciting show for you tonight. first up, mitt romney taking mitts off to duke it out with newt gingrich for the nomination. should he? well, we analyze it. plus, the women who want a warm christmas in this country should know better not to mess with texas. and the classiest woman in america. miss dana perino is out in sin city to perhaps do a little bull riding and maybe some gambling for bob. hey, baby! what happens in vegas isn't
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going to stay there this friday night. because "the five" starts right now! ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: well, we are going to talk to dana in a moment. you have to wait for that. but first, get to big advice from rush limbaugh to mitt romney. >> mitt, if you want the nomination, get together with your people, and think about trying to run to the right of newt. you and newt are both guilty of flip-flops, so mitt, why not flip to fool conservatives and see what happens? you won't have to resort to tearing down an opponent. you can tear down obama. what do you think got newt where he is, mitt? what do you think got trump where he was before he pulled out? tear down obama. >> kimberly: all right. there are fighting words perhaps. perhaps good advice. we go to the person that is the biggest man crush alive on
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rush limbaugh. yes, our own eric bolling. we're very proud. >> eric: what are you trying to say? becausevy a picture of rush with me. kilyou have a too too. >> eric: no, i don't. not yet. this is brilliant, genius. for a while, a couple of weeks now i said the republican nominees that want to be the nominee should start focusing on obama. start focusing on the job market and the bad economy. rush hit it out of the park. i wasn't even thinking about romney. i was thinking about the ones far right, more conservative like michele bachmann and ron paul or santorum. he is right. if romney moves far right and, you know, basically established republicans who don't want romney to go right, if he does this he will lock up the 20-25% he has had and maybe grab some of the far right conservatives he doesn't have at all right now. >> kimberly: that is a great strategy. >> andrea: based on the assumption that the g.o.p. primary voters are gullible. he should have take then advice three years ago. look, this is going to hurt
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his credibility more. we have less than 30 days to iowa. there is not enough time for him to convince a very shrewd and informed g.o.p. primary electorate that he is a conservative. now i do agree with you on going after obama. that is exactly why newt is where he is. the primary voters want obama out. and they don't believe that romney is the guy to k.o. the guy. i think he should go after obama. he needs to. but pretending he is a conservative, flopping back 30 days out from iowa, not going to work. >> kimberly: that sounded like the cheap fish at the market, flopping back and forth. >> greg: i have to disagree. to use a tennis metaphor, we're still in the third or fourth frame. there is still time for mitt to score strikes. here is the thing. this is not in my opinion about ideology. it's really an attack on boring people. the media likes newt because he is not boring. the media has a problem with mitt because he is boring. but we have to understand, that every single good thing
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in life has come from a boring person. the greatest president ever was clive hutchison be. you don't remember him because he was boring. >> kimberly: great point. >> bob: that was as good analysis as i heard in politics in a long time. let me weigh in here if i could. i like to weigh in on republicans. andrea is right, the problem that romney has to move right you have to have a substance to move right on. he doesn't have it. the idea that some of the guys haven't been attacking obama, they have all been attacking obama. that is what romney did all year. >> eric: romney attacked obama? >> bob: sure he has. listen, romney attacking is the whole idea that -- the ear piece doesn't work. the whole idea that him attacking anybody is i mean the guy is not a pit bull. he is a chihuahua. here is the problem. he has to make up his mind. this saturday is a big deal in this debate. he has to make a decision. is he going to go after newt gingrich? how hard is he going to go after him? can he go after him?
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first i listened to rush limbaugh and i thought he was lining up against newt here. as i look at it, i think he is taking mitt romney, rolling over romney here and would prefer to see newt, as a lot of conservatives would. the other people you mention, bachmann and the rest of the people, man i got a better chance to get the nomination -- >> eric: i didn't say they had a chance. i said if they were going to make their play a while ago, i they should have started to move against obama. not against each other. allow me. if he doesn't, if romney doesn't make a move to the right, he will continue to slide to newt gingrich. he is getting -- >> andrea: the best thing that mitt romney has going for him besides organization he looks like a president. he has money on his side. he needs more than that to get the deal done. >> andrea: he needs mojo and he needs to say something memorable. >> kimberly: this is the same guy we saw and rejected before. >> bob: there ain't nothing memorable about the guy. >> kimberly: that is my point. >> bob: one of the things
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about newt, i'm thinking of pulling back here on this. i have never seen more people raid against a guy, more than a raid against newt. there is a super pac, that is romney pac, blasted a nasty ad. i don't know if we have that. >> kimberly: we have it now. i know you love sound on tape. >> kimberly: greg has something pressing to say. >> greg: i've forgotten. >> kimberly: remind yourself. we'll get to you. >> why is this man smiling? because his plan is working. to brutality attack mitt romney and hope newt gingrich is his opponent. why? newt has a ton of baggage. like the fact that newt gingrich was fined $300,000 for ethics violation, or that he took at least $1.6 million from freddie mac just before it helped cause the economic meltdown >> kimberly: okay, you like it? >> greg: a good ad. but the candidate that would have to expose the media for its complicity in preserving
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the obama's power, the emperor has no clothes and the media provided the wardrobe. you a brainy, chubby kid, newt, against mitt, the teacher's pet. >> kimberly: i like that. >> andrea: look at the number of the other candidates. another thing that romney has going for him is ron paul and other candidates are splintering the vote. ron paul, he is going to stay in the race. he won't get out. he is launching attacks against newt gingrich. this is beneficial for romney. it may be romney's secret weapon. >> bob: but these are not trueed dyed in the wool conservatives. they're republican conservatives. that school left the republican party and hijacked by the wing nuts. and the tea people. >> bob: you contradicted yourself. you always say that the party is hijacked by the right. now you say the candidates
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aren't right. >> bob: that is exactly what i'm saying. you got that right. >> eric: wing nuts aren't relevant. >> bob: i think they are relevant. i said yesterday i think they have grabbed control of the republican party. >> eric: so why not move right? >> bob: you have to have something to move right on. >> andrea: they know he's not right. they know it's phony. that is the biggest problem. >> eric: move to the center, after you get the nomination. if you can move to the center, you can move right before the nomination clearly. >> andrea: general election is different from the primary. >> kimberly: i want your reaction. a fox news poll out that is taken sampling of december 5 december 5-7. plus or margin of 3% for those really in polls like bob. newt, 53%. romney, 47%. who is a true conservative? take issue with this poll? >> andrea: no, i don't. i mean i do think that the voters feel gingrich is more conservative. as bob said, none of them are true conservative. >> kimberly: are they right? >> andrea: yes, newt is more conservative.
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you will never have the perfect candidate. you're just not. the conservatives are more with newt. the country wants a conservative. the rationale that you need a moderate to win, i think in 2010, the liberal policies were rejected. people want someone to step in the batter's box and hit a home run and turn the country direction around in a single stroke. they feel that romney -- >> eric: you cannot do it from the middle of the road. >> bob: 20 million more people voting in 2012 than in 2010. >> andrea: that's what i'm saying. >> eric: >> bob: wing nuts voted in 2010 but the real people will come back to vote in the middle. either one will be killed by obama. >> eric: either one are going to beat obama. either one. >> bob: right now -- you're on. >> kimberly: right now, head-to-head mitt has the advantage in straight numbers against obama versus newt. we'll see what happens. anything can happen. coming up, the moment bob has been waiting for. oh, yeah. we'll take you on a trip to
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sin city where darren darren is living large with a bunch of cowboys and cowgirls. that is coming up next. don't forget to e-mail us. maybe even your lucky numbers. we'll send them to dana. she will play the numbers. come on and send them. we're at >> bob: ride that bull, dana. ride that bull! ♪
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♪ >> bob: i know who that is! that is frank sinatra. it must be my lucky day, not only am i in the "b" block, unusual but i get to talk about what is happening in my favorite city, sin city. our lovely co-host dana perino is at the thomas & mack center in vegas. wait a minute, why did she get to go and i didn't get to the go? what are you doing in sin city? straightest woman in america in sin city? what are you doing? >> dana: you know what happened? since -- i think it's 1975 or '84. the national finals rodeo, the wrangle national finals rodeo has been held in vegas. you know i grew up out west. my uncle and aunt were coming
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to the rodeo and invited me. "the five" got to come along, too. we almost had an incident that the liberal bloggers would have loved. i won't tell you what it was. >> bob: what is that? bull cast ration or anything like that? >> dana: behind me there are the two big bulls. one is named white magic and he retired last night after giving a lot of cowboys a lot of trouble for many years. then he almost gave me big trouble. >> andrea: is the other bull named bob? >> bob: why anybody would get on those i don't know. i have advice. there is a massage parlor out there -- >> dana: oh, no. >> bob: you wouldn't like that one. >> dana: let's not do that. >> bob: it's a good place. moving on, they said get out of here. >> dana: i'll pass it on to the cowboys. >> bob: do not play blackjack if they change the dealer. they are bringing on someone
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cold. don't bet. eric, any advice? >> eric: dana, split all aces and a's and double down anytime you can. >> greg: dana -- >> dana: i didn't even understand that. >> greg: i wanted to ask you about down roping but i realize it's a rodeo. since you are in vegas, i want to be double down saloon, 4640 paradise road and ask for a bacon martini. >> dana: that sounds kind of good in a weird sort of way. yeah! >> bob: andrea is here, she's a vegas vet and used to walk around there a lot. i thought you like vegas? >> andrea: i do like vegas but i don't walk around a lot in vegas. i'm not a betting woman. are you gambling woman? >> dana: i'm not very -- no, i'm not much of a gambler. as cru know, as bob says, i'm a -- i'm the straightest woman in america.
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i got to come here and be part of the rodeo. >> andrea: one piece of advice. the shops at caesar's are great. i want -- >> dana: that's good. >> andrea: the bareback riding are you going to try? i will give you $100 if you try it. >> dana: there are saddle bronc and barbac bareback ride. it's very serious. what the cowboys used to do when they got together. isn't that what she meant? maybe i'm wrong. >> bob: you told an off off-color thing. >> dana: i've only been here three hours and it's getting to me. >> greg: you are standing in front of one of america's one of america's only shovel-ready jobs. >> bob: that is funny. >> dana: this is a shovel ready project all around this place. >> kimberly: i have good advice other than the rest of the debauchery. go shopping.
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make spa appointments. they have fantastic spas. not those kind of spas. the ones that do massaging in appropriate places. it would be great. go there. go to the encore spa. the wynn has a great one. there are great restaurants to eat there. don't do anything i did on my bachelorette party because that would be really bad. >> bob: i was saying in 30 seconds i'm supposed to ask you to bring a guest in. but i'll do it sooner because i want to hear from the guy. you have a guest? >> dana: you want to hear from this. this is don gay, eight-time world champion, world champion. >> in bull riding, yes, ma'am. >> dana: he watches "the five" every day. bob, he was telling me about the rodeo clown responsibilities. it figure that if this whole tv thing doesn't work out for you, maybe you could have an in through don. >> the inside track. we may need somebody in the barrel, bob.
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>> bob: i appreciate that. what happened to you as a youth that go you to get on one of those damn things to make a living? >> it was not my fault. my dad started a misquit rodeo and i had the world's biggest dirt playground. >> dana: now he does rodeo commentary for all sorts of rodeos including this one tonight. second to last night at the ten-day rodeo. you have people from all over the country. >> well, in the competition, the top 15 money winners in each event qualify. the world championships, they are decided by who wins the most money. it's been awfully exciting so far. >> dana: one thing i love about the western culture and life is the family atmosphere. you got a lot of families here tonight? >> all of my family is in the rodeo business. we actually, i got my brothers and his wife and kids, my mom and dad ae watching at home on television. we've got our own bulls that qualify for here. it's more of a lifestyle. >> dana: not just a competition. but the bulls as well. >> bob: how much does a
11:20 pm
cowboy win if they win the big pay? >> dana: how much do you win if you win? >> right now, each day, you have to be in the top six to win first place and it pays $17,000 per day. times ten days. whoever rides the most bulls has the most total aggregate points they win $45,000 bonus. it's not bad. they pay to play. they don't come out unless someone take your place a while. >> andrea: the closest i have come, i never rid an bull, but you taught -- [ laughter ] johnny utah on 52 and new york, i actually got on a mechanical bull and i stayed on. maybevy a chance. maybe i should fly out and compete. what do you think? >> you know the only difference is you see the bulls behind us, when you take out the fear factor, it's not that tough a deal. once you get on, the extreme
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games it should be bull riding because i've never seen a skateboard chase anybody down after they get off. >> bob: you got a future in tv. no question about it. funnyer than most people i know anyway. okay. listen, thank you for being with us. appreciate it. dana take care of yourself. we'll see you later in the show. stay off of that bull. >> andrea: we'll see you later. >> dana: i'll introduce you to miss america rodeo queen. >> bob: good. that's what i want to see. coming up, professor in iowa takes a shot at the troops. we'll tell you what he did. stick with us. ride it, baby! ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." at iowa state u., the holiday republicans started a holiday package drive to send goodies to troops overseas. candy, socks, toothpaste and puzzle stuff. basically the stuff bob softlifts on saturday night. normal people embrace this, but academics are not normal people. take instructor thomas walker who penned a note mocking the drive where he said, "aren't girzzs paid enough to buy what they need and even what they want? what are the troops doing for us? nothing. but against us, they are doing a lot, creating anti-american terrorists in the countries they occupy." oh, yes, there is that "occup "occupy" verb again. why the word comes from tenureed self-absorbs twits who consider nose ring an achievement and academics are full on clowns? is it because carnivals no longer hire. it could say that jerk wrote the letter to impress the naive coeds but maybe he needs
11:27 pm
a real education. how about everyone watching this show now who has a loved one in the military, send him a christmas card. care of iowa state university. it's in ames, iowa. zip code is 50011. include a photo of that loved one inside. add a note explaining what they are doing for us. not to much is care package but a why you should care package. >> andrea: i don't know if we can recover from that. >> greg: want to go to break then? >> bob: can i get out of here real quick, everybody is looking at me saying are you going to defend this guy? >> greg: i don't think you are. >> bob: i'm not. don't assume that somebody like this, i know why we do this. some people think is a good example of a liberal.
11:28 pm
liberals are not like that. most support troops. this is a punk. if you want to do something cool is put cat pee in that. >> kimberly: that's gross! >> greg: don't do that. no. because that will get you in trouble. which we're talking about a nice gesture, a christmas card filled with nice picture of somebody serving our country. you are polluting it. >> andrea: that christmas card you were going to send, keep it. >> greg: i bet. probably from someone you dated. is this why students coming from college are screwed up and unskilled? they are taught by freaks like this? >> eric: or watching "the five" and listening to freaks like this. >> greg: first he talked about how liberals aren't that
11:29 pm
bad. then sends evil letter. >> andrea: with cat pee. it's disturbing. this guy is a disgrace and might deserve the cat pee. >> bob: it's spreading! producers said enough of that. >> kimberly: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> greg: here is the thing, to me this is not the liberal bus academics are cliches or we don't hear about the nice ones and we only hear the bad ones? >> andrea: there are a lot of bad ones doing bad things. there are a lot of wackie liberals. >> bob: whackie conservatives. >> andrea: i was at syracuse university giving a speech. even the college republicans and democrats can come together on this issue. if you read the letter he wrote he was talking about defense spending and so many poor people. irrespective of what you think of the war, the country has had a long history of supporting the troops.
11:30 pm
>> greg: what i love about this, he said in the letter money should be spent on veterans. i think he did it as a sin can cover to back the military. dish cynical cover to back the military. you can do both! >> bob: if you put liberals in this boat with him i'll send you home withd >> greg, please no more. >> bob: then don't assume it's liberals. >> bob: maybe he should be out of a job. >> greg: coming up, is trump losing his own debate? some say yes, some say no. my cousin frank says i like birds. frank doesn't kw where he is. if you leave now you are not getting any pie. we know a place where tossing and turning
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♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." we are doing this to annoy bob. donald trump, the debate, everybody talking about it. two remaining participants. newt gingrich and rick santorum. should trump dump the debate? >> kimberly: it's like laughing from the bob facial expressions. he can't take it. this is getting a little awkward. making me uncomfortable. do you have a debate with two people? will they pull a rip cord on this and say it's not a good idea? get rating or legitimate debate. others aren't doing it. >> eric: i thought santorum was getting out. he is going to get endorsement from the secretary of state of iowa. that should get a lot of votes. so it will be trump. greg said it right yesterday. maybe trump should debate
11:37 pm
trump? they can't go with two people. as a new trend of donald trump, i suggest that you -- >> andrea: here is the issue i have with it. he put out a statement today saying that he is not going to say he wouldn't rule out running as an independent. that is a prettyig problem. >> greg: i kind of want to see trump run so i can see the bumper sticker. which would be "vote for me, i was born here." one of the reasons that touch connected with the publickers he was the only one regularly calling out all the people ripping off america. as much as i make fun of the guy. he is the guy talking about we don't want to pay for a shanghai subway and crumblings roads in europe and banks. we have our own problems. that is why he is resonating. this is all about him at the end. >> andrea: he will probably have good questions. >> eric: people at news max say it's still on. trump is there. hannity is there.
11:38 pm
this is my conspiracy theater. what if trump says i'm not moderating this and i'm running. hannity does a three, saner to rum, newt and -- santorum and newt and trump. fantastic. >> andrea: this is get something much earned media. we are talking about it. i bet newt gingrich if anyone drops out, santorum drops out, gingrich isn't going to say no. he takes any chance he can to get any media. they do not want to turn the g.o.p. race to clown car. this weekend, ames debate. this is an important debate. i agree. what do you think they will do? >> look at how it will look. for the first time you have newt and mitt. these are two guys who have never taken each other on.
11:39 pm
romney has the harder pull. he will decide and he needs to take on newt. the other thing is from newt's standpoint, can newt sit back and take it and not lose the famous tenor. if newt gets through this, she the real deal. he is about to get more droped on his head. >> andrea: he needs to hand the personal attacks and have a smile on his face. be sunny side up. romney should be stuff. >> eric: romney should stand up and go it's not about me. this is about failing policy. do what rush says. i was wrong about romneycare and wrong about the stance on immigration and abortion.
11:40 pm
i am a far right conservative. >> andrea: i think that romney doesn't have it in him to have direct attacks. he uses the surrogates and other people out there. i don't think tim pawlenty will do it for him. but he has to show he has vigor to him. he hasn't done anything memorable. he doesn't resonate this time around than last time around. >> andrea: that is a strategy. >> greg: the key here, there are two newts. the good newt and evil newt. you have to focus on obama. yesterday he said the unemployment insurance would create more jobs than the pipeline, the keystone
11:41 pm
pipeline. that is like eating ice cream. they have to focus on jobs and how obama is failing. >> eric: you got that in geng. >> greg: it's right. >> bob: he asks john sonunu, the former governor, not the senator, the son. but the former governor. this guy loves government and gave you david suitor. a liberal member of the supreme court. he was a guy that took a plane to get his teeth fixed. >> andrea: but it doesn't matter. they use the surrogates. people like him. >> bob: you see him as a hard conservative? he doesn't have a hard conservative in his corner. >> andrea: that is why he is doing well. hoch and change mantra is up for grabs. whoever captures that will win
11:42 pm
this thing. bolling? >> eric: yeah, just telling me that hannity will not attend the news max website. it was on their website, news max website. apologize sean and everyone if it's confusing. >> bob: he doesn't mean it. >> eric: i do too! >> andrea: coming up, they take war on christmas to texas. but this time they are messing with the wrong cowboy. you'll see. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: in case you didn't know there is a war on christmas in america. one big battle going on between the lone star state and the cheeseheads. wisconsin atheists from the freedom from religion foundation are at it again. this time they are trying to get a town in texas to remove a nativity scene from the lawn of the county courthouse. the christmas display isn't coming down until "hell freezes over" according to the county commissioner. don't mess with texas, get her done, commissioner hall.
11:47 pm
>> kimberly: i love this story. >> eric: why does an atheist group in wisconsin hate what is going on in texas? >> kimberly: this is a fox news meddling alert. they are meddling. this is where they lose in the law. a law is strong and solid in this, reaffirmed in 2010. by the supreme court in fact. as long as you have other things, for example you can have a nativity scene. if you have gnome and santa claus and they say -- we have multiple -- and little elves, that is not just religious in its origin, it's okay. frosty the snowman, they're all like the ornamental decorations, that type of thing. >> eric: i called freedom from religion. annie gay lor, one of the representatives i spoke to her for a long time. she went through, what about the guy saying hell freezes over. she says it's prejudicial. i said what do you against a
11:48 pm
nativity scene? she said nothing, but if there is a nativity scene, there should be a festevus pole and flying spaghetti monster. so what am i thinking in i googled the flying spaghetti monster. there is it. those are meatballs on the side and that is spaghetti in the middle. >> bob: get out of here! >> eric: they are dead serious. >> andrea: you saw it before, didn't yob was with that last night. >> bob: i saw that many a nights. i didn't know it was a festival of christmas thing. >> greg: a couple of weeks ago i was standing outside of a bar smoking a cigarette. minding my own business. i swear, 100, 200 yards away a woman walked across a street, came up and told me i shouldn't smoking. i'm like how can you smell my cigarette from 200 yards away? that didn't matter. because it upset her. lonely hopeless people what
11:49 pm
wisconsin traveling there because they don't like what you are doing. go away and get a life. >> bob: did you deck her? >> greg: no. >> kimberly: we don't want to start a feud with wisconsin and the friendly loving peaceheads there. this is an organization. >> andrea: you hear this at christmastime and not christmastime. atheists are always meddling to block religion. atheists are free to put up nothing. they believe in nothing and they are displayed next to the nativity scene. >> eric: i said why do you care? he said well, we are a national organization. who complained one of the members? no, not one of our members but a resident. >> bob: did i tell you i was baby jesus? broke the manger. >> andrea: last christmas.
11:50 pm
>> bob: no, that's when i was -- >> eric: i really do think this is getting completely -- >> bob: i think this is getting out of hand. it's one thing if you live next door and you say it bothers me. wisconsin to texas. don't go there. a lot of people don't go to texas for good reason. not against texas, don't get me wrong. but who is traveling to wisconsin and texas? >> eric: one more comment from her before i end the discussion she goes people like you, you don't understand that. wait a minute, people like my, i'm just asking you a question. no, you're from fox. >> greg: she must have something against mangers. she's mangerist. nativityist. >> andrea: we're from fox and we have opinions. god foraged we have our own opinions. >> kimberly: this is an opinion show. hi. >> bob: if you don't put something else up religious -- >> andrea: put up a santa claus or santa helper or reindeer, anything like that.
11:51 pm
>> andrea: but she wants a festvist poll and spaghetti monster. humiliate and make fun of people. >> andrea: >> kimberly: make a mockery of it. >> eric: don't be disrespectful. flying spaghetti monster. >> andrea: you're right. i have no opinion. >> eric: up next, we go to dana who is hanging out with miss rodeo america. >> andrea: my gosh. >> eric: you want to do that. >> bob: yee-haw! >> eric: few first, a christmas cheerful from one of my favorite people. check it out. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> kimberly: if you are just joining us, there is a rodeo in las vegas and our pal dana perino is there to check it out and back with us with miss rodeo america. bob is trying to control himself but not doing a good job. rodeo america 2011. congratulations mckenzie hailey. thank you for joining us on "the five." ladies you look fantastic.
11:56 pm
astride horses. >> dana: isn't it great? >> kimberly: can you ride a horse? >> dana: how long did it take me to climb up here? i had help from a cowboy friend here. >> kimberly: did you get a boost >> eric: >> dana: i had a little boost. i used to be do i all on my own. mckenzie is finishing a yea year-long tenure as miss rodeo america. >> i am. it's been fabulous. i won last year here in vegas and i spent the year traveling the country. and top it off i'm here in vegas. >> dana: and you're on "the five" on fox. >> i am. >> dana: amazing. >> how cool can that be? >> dana: there is a big suspense in vegas because a new miss rodeo america is announced tomorrow but nobody knows who it is yet. >> greg: that is me. >> bob: what does it take to win miss rodeo besides being remarkably good looking?
11:57 pm
>> you have to be a state queen. they're all competing to miss rodeo state. i was miss rodeo south dakota. a week-long competition of interview, model, ride horses you've never seen before. >> bob: do you do barrel racing? >> no. no. that is not in the pageant. a lot of girls do it. it grew up running barrels but a lot of girls do it in the free time but not during the pageant. >> dana: she started as a young girl. >> i did. >> dana: tell me about that. you are from winter, south dakota, your mom and dad weren't rodeo people. but had people that were. >> my up at was miss rodeo south dakota in '94. she grew up doing 4h. it started and i entered my first 4h rodeo when i was ten. run barrels and growing up. did the queen stuff. i said i'd be miss rodeo america. >> dana: i wonder if greg can give an explanation about tying goats. >> greg: i have been doing
11:58 pm
it for years. >> bob: you look remarkable. do you watch "the five"? you better say yes. you watch "the five" right? >> yes. >> bob: oh, good. you know andrea tantaros, right our greek component here? you look exactly alike, you two. it's amazing. which is a comply meant, i might add. >> thank you. >> dana: a huge compliment for you both. >> bob: sorry. >> dana: no, go ahead. >> andrea: she can ride a bull better than i can. >> you did ride a mechanical bull in new york city. you may have a bright future and you can compete next year. mckenzie, i want to highlight the education. you want to be -- i guess you worked as an elementary school teacher and pursuing your master's degree? >> that was my plan. things changed. i took last year off from school and i'm registered for classes in january. i'm going to university of
11:59 pm
south daco. the i'm going to pursue speech-language pathology, a masters program. in january, i am back to being a normal person. >> bob: dana,vy a question for you. do you ride yourself a lot? do you ride horses? >> dana: not a lot, bob, because i have been riding the acella back from d.c. to new york with you. >> bob: i just wonder. >> all you do is stand here. >> dana: mellow. >> andrea: bob has more energy. >> dana: they're alive. they're not stuffed. >> bob: i know that. okay. >> dana: i grew up riding. when i was a little girl, i had a pony named sally. i had some other animals. my grandfather's ranch. we'll get to come tonight to the rodeo. you can see it live on


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